Boost Productivity in the Office with the Right Furniture


Productivity in the workplace is beneficial for both the employer and the employee. As a business, you want to ensure you are getting the most out of your colleagues. Whereas a happy and non-distracted worker is far less likely to become bored and look elsewhere for employment. If your business is in design or any other industry which requires creativity, having an inspiring workplace will reap rewards. There really are a wide variety of reasons why you really should design or revamp your office appropriately to keep morale high and allow the workers to provide the most output they possibly can.


Positivity in the workplace is crucial. Whilst it can be hard to measure, it seems entirely logical that an inspiring workplace will motivate the individuals within it. Keeping staff motivated is absolutely key to productive output. Not only this but bad feeling spreads and snowballs so if people are feeling unmotivated they will often drag each other down. Therefore, it stands to reason that, creating positive thoughts and motivation amongst colleagues will help them to feed off one another. Try to provide staff with individual desks and natural light. Keep the office open whilst creating pockets in which people can work and be undistracted.


Having seating, desks and equipment which makes people feel as comfortable as possible, whilst allowing them to work efficiently, is another incredibly important factor to introduce. Many workers spend time out of work or work at slower rates due to repetitive strain injuries or aches and pains. An office chair which provides comfort whilst properly supporting the back and arms will ensure that this impact on work is minimised. In effect, it also shows your employees that you care about their well-being. A looked-after employee will return that care through productivity and by remaining within the business rather than looking elsewhere so keep ergonomics at the forefront of your office design.

Division of Space

There can be few things more irritating to an employee than having certain elements of the business buzzing around them which are not pertinent to their job role and provide a distraction. If someone’s role is to work in silence at a computer desk and they need to focus and concentrate but they are alongside a vocal member of staff continually on the phone they are not going to work as productively. Properly divide the space and keep the output of all colleagues at a maximum. As well as this you will keep the team’s motivation higher.

Non-Work Areas

Having a space in which colleagues can take their breaks or down time without feeling like they are still within the work environment can have positive effects. People will feel re-energised after spending time in such a place and it can relieve the potential monotony of a working day. Set it away from the rest of the working area and introduce colour and elements of fun. Many office furniture companies such as Mark Perry design modern and colourful furniture ideally suited to such a space. Remember to keep your staff feeling valued and with a space separated from the work environment they are far more likely to be more productive after returning from their breaks.