What to consider when buying and engraving a trophy

Whether you are hosting some kind of sporting event for either the little league of a sport, or of an adult semi-pro league, making a gift to give to the champion of the office for that month or even making it as a joke gift to one of your friends who is pushing on in years and you want to make him feel like he is a winner against old age, buying a trophy and having it personalized to that particular person, while it is an increasingly simple process, it still requires a fair bit of consideration and thought behind it to give an inspiring and fulfilling kind of award that is treasure forever.

After all trophies come in all different shapes, sizes, styles and made of different materials. All of this culminates in a world full of possible errors if you are not careful, and all of this is before you have even engraved it! That part of the process can be a slightly tricky and confusing one, so extra care and attention must be paid to all stages of this process. Luckily in this article hopefully we can run you through some decent advice in order to make this process as pain free as humanely possible.


Choosing the trophy


Now the main part of the trophy is, well it’s in the metal bit that rises from the stand and quite often , this will be the main indicative factor that gives the trophy the majority of its aesthetic features  and is often the way in which most people attempt to be creative with the trophy and make it unique by choosing a statue design to symbolize why the trophy was awarded so that even people who don’t read it know exactly what it is for, possibly prompting them to further investigate if it is something that grabs their interest.

When choosing the main body of the trophies, remember that this is the part that most people’s attention will be drawn to and it’s important that you ensure that it is made from high quality materials that won’t oxidize with the air after being left exposed for a few years. Also check to see whether or not it has been treated or otherwise coated to prevent some kinds of degradation and discoloration from occurring. And obviously the last facet that you will want to look into is the actual colour of the metal and whether or not it is the shade you are looking for, if it isn’t then always ask the supplier if they can provide a lighter shade or not as very often they will be able to order in different kinds of the statue you are looking for if you ask.


Now when it comes to the engraving side of things, you will want to ensure that you are careful of who you use as not all engravers are created equal and in recent years some have even been accused of outsourcing their work to sup-par engravers that will often do the work to a far less professional degree than promised and you may even find yourself with a misspelled and generally grubby and terrible looking trophy that you will. Still have to present to the person when it’s all said and done. So before you spend a single penny with an engraver, ask them about their process and whether the work you are doing is all done in house or whether he is one of these wise guys who ships out their work in order to turnover a quick buck.

If there are any indications that they are not doing the work themselves then it can be an indication that you need to find a different source for your engraving needs. Also ask questions about what methods they use, generally there are two that are most commonly used and one is a process known as sublimation, which creates the block black capitals that you see embossed on some countries and this has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the ease of which it is applied, and then there is laser engraving, which produces cleaner and more intricate designs at the expense of sheer time and money. However if you want the best quality of trophy engraving then this is the method that you will want to go for.