How corporate headshots can boost your company’s image

As a company, the main back bone of your entire operations is not really the services you provide, the products you sell or even the money you make, it’s the team that you have working behind you. They are indeed your greatest asset. After all is it the company that provides top notch business advisory sessions or the individual executive? Does a company help to refurbish and decorate your entire house in less than a week or the crew of experienced and competent contractors that you have who will pull out all the stops in order to get the best work done on time. And if you have such a valuable resource at your disposal, then surely this should be one of the key selling points of your business and something that you should definitely be showing off to your customers.

Well corporate headshots of your staff along with a description of their job titles not only shows that you have reliable and competent staff who work and present themselves in a professional manner but what you are also doing is adding a human face to what is essentially to your company’s completely faceless entity that merely provides a service. Additionally, adding this personal and human touch to your company is a really great way to get people to relate to your company on a more personal level, increasing client retention and inquiries. But how exactly should you use these shots of your staff in order to raise your company’s profile and reasonability? Here are some common ways that businesses use these shots in their materials and in general business activities.



These days the internet is so important to building a business and to attract new customers who are actively seeking out your products and services, however with this comes a new found responsibility for companies exploring this avenue of income and that is the quality of the website that your business has set up. The barebones framework site with merely your company’s address and logo with a brief description that you set up 7 years ago may have looked great then but now however looks old, outdated and downright ridiculous. So it’s important that you not only regularly update your website and its content but also the logos, the branded imagery that you present to your online customers can also be of vital importance in swaying them to contact your business over one of your competitors, who will also no doubt be trying to gain traffic and enquires through the internet.

One of the things that people expect to see is the presence of a page that is usually entitled something like “our team” in which has a list of the most vital members of staff in your company and a description of their role. The most striking, memorable and professional looking Our Team sections have professional and clean looking profile shots of all the people listed within the page. This not only means that your clients know what they are expecting when they meet and individual salesperson or consultant but also this goes a long way to helping what we mentioned earlier which is to help you put a human face onto the service that your company provides to its customers.

Sales materials

Realistically, when somebody hands you a sales brochure or pamphlet in the street or at an event that you are attending, how much thought do you actually give it? I mean it’s great if you were already interested in or looking for what the materials are talking about, but unless that’s the case then it is very unlikely that you give it much of a second thought. Now what if these materials had a more human and approachable nature which makes it sound like less of a sales pitch and more of a conversation with somebody at a store or stall? This kind of role-play is good to get into the head of your customers, and they way to get your company in their heads is to add strategic and professionally taken pictures of your organizations staff.

So try adding them into your pamphlets that you plan on taking to that next sales expo and see if they have more of an impact. Please click this link for more information about how you can boost your company’s image with corporate photography.