How to get noticed by record companies

So you’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and try to take a shot at becoming a professional musician? Well it’s a dream that many people have had over the years and that most of us will have at some point entertained in our young minds, the idea of getting up on stage in front of a veritable sea of adoring fans that have paid their hard earned money to see you perform is an exciting one and the money, lifestyle and celebrity status that comes with being a successful musician is also a huge draw for people looking to break into the industry. However, 99% of people who attempt to break through will never live up to the full scope of their dreams or expectations.

To be successful in this industry you need to get out there and get yourself noticed by the right people. It’s all very well and good that you have fans and that people seem to like your music, however, if you can’t display that in a professional way to an executive who will endorse you to their record company then it doesn’t really mean a lot in terms of your professional progression within the industry itself, so why don’t we check out a few suggestions for getting yourself noticed in the right places by the right people.

Book gigs and shows


While this in itself can be a daunting and challenging part of the process, it’s a far easier thing to do than outright book a meeting at an executive building with no experience in playing to large crowds. So what you will want to do is search for venues that are not only suitable for the type and genre of music that you play, but is also within a reasonable travelling distance from where you and your fellow band mates (if applicable) are situated. Furthermore, you must scout to see how often they either have an open mic night or whether they have any advertisements for new acts (which a lot of establishments will have on a poster somewhere in the premises.

You will then want to speak to the most relevant person whose name and point of contact should be on the advertisements for new acts, this could be the manager, a promoter that works for the club or even the owner himself. You will then need to leave an example of your work, or perform a brief set for them to make their decisions on. Remember if you do secure gigs to give it your all as smaller local events are often frequented by talent scouts.

Get professionally recorded

It doesn’t matter how much talent you have or how well put together it is on paper or live, if your music sounds crackly, distorted and downright unprofessional on cd or tape then you can forget about impressing a talent scout or executive with any kind of material’s you send them for consideration. When you send in these works, they aren’t only looking to see that you are competently playing your instruments and singing in the right pitch. They are also looking for somebody independently organized who can make a success of themselves in the industry and can be worked with in order to produce industry standard music. This is after all a business endeavor for these people.

So you will want to look into high quality and professional recording studios in your local area that can meet your requirements in terms of equipment quality and industry experience. They will walk you through every step of the process from recording and staging all of the recorded materials to mastering and mixing them. Why not click the following link to see the work of these recording studios in Perth.

Put an album or mixtape together

Once you have everything recorded and mastered to a great quality then you should hit those gigs armed with as many copies as you can in order to get a good distribution going. If your music is received well and sells independently then this will be a huge draw for an executive who sees that you are not only capable and competent enough to produce and record good music but that it already has a following and sells well then a lot of the work to prove yourself has already been done, so get out there, even on the high street and get your music in peoples ears!