Gyms – There’s a Lot More Than Just One Type


Gyms, health clubs and fitness centres are all clearly designed, to a certain degree, to promote fitness. Whilst the people who frequent these different places can have slightly different motivations overall they fall into certain criteria which dictate the people who use them and the facilities and services which they provide. Before signing up at a gym, because after all they are going to have to be paid for through a membership fee, make sure that you know about the different types. That way you can make an informed decision.

Health Clubs

These have fitness classes available both for individuals and groups of people. They tend to have a variety of facilities on offer which can include, spas, saunas, therapy clinics, swimming pools, sporting facilities restaurants and more. They are billed as being a social location where you go for more than just a work out. They will often also contain health-shops, child-care facilities, lounges, tanning suites and cafes. Their membership cost varies greatly so make sure to look into this carefully.

Fitness Centres

These can provide a wide range of available activities or they can focus on a specific area. For example, they may be a yoga or Pilates centre. The clientele which makes use of a fitness centre tends to be more varied than at a health club. People from all walks of life will come and pick and choose what services they require. As the name suggests, the aim is fitness rather than a health club that goes beyond this and has a lot more amenities connected to overall healthy living.


From the Greek word gymnasium, gyms are probably the most common type of fitness location. As with health clubs and fitness centres they tend to have a lot of activities on offer. However, they are usually focused on work outs. That could be weight-lifting or cardiovascular workouts. Gyms can vary but they are on average the least expensive of the centres on offer. This, however, has led to them developing a reputation in some places as being somewhere that people go to check out the other sex or for the sake of vanity. While this is an entirely unfair reputation for many, this does ring true in some cases. There are many different types of gym such as female only gyms, 24-hour gyms and executive gyms. For example, Unity is a hardcore executive gym in Sydney that specifically caters for executive-types. Speciality gyms ensure that the clientele they attract are unique to the desires of the gym itself.


These should not be discounted. Sometimes people can reap as many benefits from purchasing the required equipment for themselves and many people feel uncomfortable working out in public. Whilst the price of equipment can range from reasonable to very expensive, it is sometimes the only option, especially if you are living in a more rural area. People can also focus harder on training or exercise as they have less excuse that they can’t make it to the gym etc. because it is within, or outside, their own home.