Ideas for Outdoor Party Themes

Throwing outdoor parties can produce some of the most memorable moments of the summer. Having a theme to your party takes them to another level entirely. Perhaps there could be elements of fancy dress, or decorate the location in a certain style or even both of these things combined with selected food and activities to make an event which you and your guests will remember for weeks or months to come. The success and enjoyment had at an outdoor party will benefit greatly from selecting a theme. You can do as much or as little as you wish and it doesn’t have to become a particularly great expense. So what sort of themes could you introduce and what could you do to draw them out? Here’s a few suggestions.

Mexican Fiesta

Think Cinco de Mayo, piñatas, tequila and vibrant colours. You will really struggle to not put a smile on people’s faces if you have a fiesta themed party. Ask your guests to dress up and you could even buy some inexpensive bits to provide for those who haven’t. With just a few sombreros and some stick on moustaches you will immediately put everyone in the mood for a great time. Food and drink to suit this theme will be readily available at most stores and by decorating your location with bright colours the effect will be remembered for a long time.

Arabian Nights

Get all One Thousand and One Nights for your party. The look and feel will be striking and it provides lots of fun for costumes and decoration. Your guests can simply wrap some cloth around themselves and they will be halfway there to achieving the look. Buy some cheap Persian rugs and colourful pillows to create some seating areas on the ground or you could even hire an Arabian style tent or create your own with a few poles and pieces of material. Make some cut outs of camels and play some Arabian music. Whatever you want to do, you can be assured of an exciting and sexy feel to your outdoor party.

Wild West

Cowboys and Indians. Whiskey and red meat. Hang up some bunting, make some ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ posters with pictures of yourselves on and throw some hay bales around for seating. The fun that could be had by the friendly rivalry between those who are dressed as cowboys vs. those looking like Indians is sure to instigate some fun. There are so many ways to easily achieve a Wild West theme you can go whichever way you want with this. Provide some face paints for your Indians and Cowboy hats for the others and even your friends who don’t get totally in the spirit before coming can be part of the theme with ease.


Go rustic with either a country barnyard look or a natural camping feel. Whatever it might be, going rustic can be one of the simplest and most achievable themes you could go for but with minimal effort. Get some cut down logs as seating or decorate your tables with pinecones and red handkerchief style picnic material. People such as Outkast Outdoor Furniture Hire can provide blackboards on which you can write menus or messages and barrels for tables or seating. Whatever you want to achieve can be really simply done with a rustic themed party.