Planning company trips: Things to think about.



Planning company trips: Things to think about.
An outing with your hard-working and appreciated colleagues and employees can not only be a tool to help motivate and refresh your staff, it can also be the tipping point between turning a valued work relationship into a blossoming friendship. But where should you go? How should you get there? And what other things need to be factored in? Hopefully this guide will help clear things up.



Admittedly a little bit of a slap in the face to mention straight off the bat, but still one of the most important factors to consider. We would all like to take our staff out for lunch at the ritz, but its monetarily unrealistic, or impossible. Think about things like: What is my total budget? How much is the entire day going to cost? How much is that per person? Is the enjoyment really worth the money we will be spending? A day out with a company of 12 people can run up anything from a couple of hundred dollars for a picnic in the park, to a thousand dollars or more to take them all to the theatre out of town  followed by a lavish meal.

If you want the maximum amount of people to show up to your even then it’s probably advisable to arrange some kind of system of transport. Whether that be a carpool with other people attending or, if your party is large enough, hiring a bus charter. Again you will have to factor in how much you are budgeting for your trans-port as dependent on what you decide to use it can end up being anti-cost-effective after you start deducting  fuel expenses.  Speak to those attending and see how practical it would be to have them arrange their own transport and act accordingly.

If you really want to get your company pumped up for your event, then you might want too look into formal invitations. These easy to source and fairly cheap creations can really enthuse people about what you have planned. Don’t go overboard however as if your event is fairly low key you wouldn’t want to be accused of making a mountain out of a molehill now would you? Conversely, if you have an extremely prestigious event lined up then people may expect a little more from your invitation. Try to use social media to your advantage. Sometimes a well written and friendly Facebook Event invite with RSPV function can be a very reliable and also a very cost efficient way of ensuring everyone is in the know about your event.

At the end of the day all that I can do as your humble author is suggest to you but at the ned of the day, atmosphere is key. How you do that has to come from your own creativity, however if you follow some of these steps im certain you will finds that your even goes smoother than you anticipated and who knows? Maybe afterwards you have a new dynamic to enjoy with your staff. Good luck and enjoy yourselves!