How to prepare your home for a sale

By now it’s a pretty solidly engrained fact that selling your home is by no means an easy task, it could be one of the most tedious, intricate and time consuming t things that will do besides raising kids. It used to be far simpler a few years ago, before the advent of the modern property market and the internet, the vast majority of people would only really be looking for a simple home with all the necessary features and all of the complicated issues were dealt with by a trusted local agent. These days social media plays a huge role in the property market and things have become more complicated and the financial systems and the technology that supports both them and the property market became more complex, as well as the commission and enforcement of additional property laws have heaped far more work on what was once a fairly straightforward process.

It’s really little wonder then that so many people absolutely dread the prospect of doing it all over again, and generally the sales process negative effect on the short term lives of the people that run through this gauntlet and if you are not experienced in the process then often the way you will to get through rather than simply forgetting them. So let’s take a look at a few of the most common mistakes inexperience sellers tend to make so that you can potentially avoid them in the future.

Not using an agent

A good agent is a truly invaluable repository of information and knowledge about the housing market in your area and are the ones who should be the ones who will be organizing all of your promotion, generating the interest of potential buyers and they also should be the ones handling the negotiations directly by consulting with both you and the buyers or their own representative to nail down the best price for your property. This is because they are far more aware of the nuances and fine details of housing law and financing and will be the ones who are in the best position to sustain a verbal back and forth about why the property is worth more.

However, throughout the history of real estate, as with any other industry there have been unfortunate instances where the agent was concerned with themselves and their commission, which is fair enough if they earn that commission by working hard for you. So it’s essential that you establish whether your intended agent is seen as reliable and trustworthy and possess a respectable history of working hard to get their clients the best possible price.

Staging and organization

Now the chances are if you have lived in the property you are trying to sell for long enough that it probably looks fine to yourself and your family, who not only chose the decorations but also have lived in the house long enough that you stop noticing the fine details of your homes appearance. However, the whole point of preparing to sell your house is to take yourself out of the equation and you’re your home look great to people looking to invest.  This is where we are known as “home stagers: come into play, they are responsible for ensuring that your property is as fresh, bright and open when it comes to taking the photographs that will be used to promote your home both by the agent in their window or brochure but also in local newspapers and classified sections. Its often speculated that a lack of initial interest in a property that has recently gone on the market is down to the way the property was presented in the cursory photographs.

So the importance of proper home staging should be apparent now and with this much on the line are you really going to risk leaving it in your own hands when you should be making the decision to leave it in the hands of a professional property styling and home staging expert who can really help you to bring out the best in your home. Although their services may seem slightly steeply priced on the face of it and comparatively to the amount of work they “appear to be doing” however given the high value of their work it is perfectly justifiable in the larger scheme of helping you get the best possible outcome from your sale.