Security Screen Door Installation

Screen Door

The benefits of security screen doors are easily illustrated by the word ‘security’. Simply having the reassurances that you will receive by installing them will be priceless. In reality, the fact that your home will be harder to be breached by intruders will protect yourself, your family and your belongings. Not only this, but they can potentially reduce your home insurance. Add the bonuses that the often incorporated insect screens provide and you’re clearly on to a winner. Whilst most manufacturers of security screen doors will install them for you, some people may wish to do it themselves. If this is the case then here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Measure the Doorway Frame.

Before purchasing a security screen door you will need to know what size you need, for obvious reasons. Given the nature of a security door these measurements will need to be very precise else you could end up completely wasting your money. Whilst you do this, consider which side you will want the hinge to be on. Having done these things then you can purchase the door you require.

Check the Instructions

Do yourself a favour and properly read all of the instructions in full. If the door is not properly fitted it will not do its job. The instruction manual might stipulate certain conditions which you need to adhere to and what order things should be done in. It might be a case that you shouldn’t fit the door in certain weather conditions. More than likely it will state that you will need two people to fit it. As well as reading the instructions, do an inventory check and make sure that every part is present and that they are in adequate condition. It will be incredibly frustrating to get to a certain point of the installation and realise a key part is missing. Often companies will not offer refunds on security screens and doors if you have begun fitting or have unpacked the items so do a thorough inspection first.

Start with the Hinges

Having previously determined which side you want the hinges to be on, you will need to screw these onto the door itself. Measuring here, as with all points on this installation, will need to be exact. If these are marked out for you then fantastic! Any corners cut on measurements will mean that the door won’t fit or that it will or open unevenly.

Next the Z-Bar and the Door Itself

Firstly cut the Z-Bar to the required length. Having done this get somebody else to hold the door in place within the doorway. At this time double check it fits. Drill the first screw into the top hole of the top hinge going through the Z bar. Then do the one for the bottom hole of the bottom hinge. Give the door a test swing. If everything is aligned properly fit the remaining screws.

Header & Expander Pieces

The header piece will go above the door. Attach this with a screw driver to ensure you don’t damage it. Next open the door and slide the expander piece on. Again, test swing the door after this point. You should now have a properly fitted security screen door. Companies such as Down Under Screens will be able to offer you advice if anything goes awry or just fit it for you if you don’t feel up to it. Now you will be able to enjoy the home security and fresh air that comes with purchasing a security screen door.