What skills really impress on a CV?

For most people who are looking to break into a particular field, the humble CV is actually an invaluable tool to you as many employers and recruitment companies will use this as a window into your professional life and try to garner as much info on who you are as a persona and what skills and experience you have to offer the company and how well suited you are to the position in the first place. Throughout your professional life you will no doubt have picked up some extremely useful skills and traits that your employers will surely want to know about when considering you, but you may not be aware of just how tedious reading CV’s can be and they really just want you to get to the point.

Indeed many people are guilty of skim reading the first paragraph of a CV and if they haven’t seen something that jumps out at them as useful or cohesive to the position at hand then they are most likely going to toss your CV straight into the trash, meaning that you can be the most experienced and qualified person that applied for the job but somebody else will get the job based purely on how well written and to the point their CV was. So to avoid this why don’t we look at some of the most impressive and eye-catching skills you can include on your CV.

Managerial skills and experience


Now while the position you apply for initially may not be a management role, it’s certainly good to display your ability to take on and handle the different responsibilities that come with management positions but also to be able to effectively lead, collaborate with and organize the team that you work with whether you are management or not. All of these things make material experience a great thing top include and should be included fairly high in order to catch the reader’s attention.

More often than not employers don’t want to envision you merely working for them but striving and thriving within their company to better yourself and the others around and below you as you climb that corporate ladder and try to improve your professional standing with them. If you have a previous history of progressing in a company then that shows them in a way that you have what it takes.

Microsoft Projects knowledge

Frequently in offices all across the world there has been a shift in attitude towards efficiency, remote working and being able to manage your ongoing work as a “project” and so the application of specially designed “Project Management” software was born, these kinds of program are used in order to maintain not only consistent levels of work across the individual project but also to be able to issue and track individual tasks to individual employees and to track and monitor the progress of the individual parts of the work that will make up the finished products. Subsequently knowledge of how to use tone of the most popular Microsoft Projects or any kind of project management software is a huge bonus to your CV and to potential employers.

Even if you don’t currently possess this skill it is definitely something that you should consider adding to your professional repertoire in order to appear as if you are moving along with the progression of office based processes and products and they are released and turns you from looking stuck in the past to the cutting edge. If your need more information then why not see what kinds of Microsoft Projects training courses are available near you.


Now knowing your way round a computer is fine for some roles, however the higher up or the better salary that the intended position has then the more you will be expected to have more of a general and in a way “all knowing” quality on many different things. And on of these is the process that surround your field of work and the subsequent admin work that goes along with the eventual delivery of the end products to you companies’ clients and customers.

While in the past this would all be handled by different departments, some businesses these days do not even require a full time accountant to issue invoices for example, and you will be expected to know how to do this in some cases if your job requires it.