Ways to Find Time for Yourself

Ways to Find Time for Yourself

It doesn’t matter how much you love your friends and family sometimes you just need time to be by yourself. Unfortunately, this is usually much easier said than done. We live busy lives with constant timescales and deadlines to fulfil with responsibilities to others and just squeezing life into the hours of the day can prove to be difficult. Where do I find this time for myself then you’re asking? Well, it can be done and it is very important that you do so. You will feel more at peace with yourself if you do and it is important to give yourself time to relax, refocus and think back over things. As well as this you will appreciate the company of others more by spending short periods of time alone. If you spend all of your time with a friend, partner or family member you can quickly start to get on each other’s nerves. Try out a few of these suggestions to create easy ways in which you can find time for yourself.

Running or Cycling

If you spend a large portion of ycyclingour day sitting down in an office environment, then you are probably keen to add a little more exercise to your daily regime. Going running or cycling can be a good way to do this whilst providing you with a period of solitude. Put in your headphones and either put on your running shoes or jump on your bike and get out there. You could even do this early morning or late evening depending on your working hours to find extra privacy whilst doing it. You will be able to keep fit whilst having a little respite and mental recharge time.

Convert a Room

convert-a-roomIf you have a spare room in the house or your children have up and left the family home, you should consider turning this disused space into a place where you can spend time by yourself. What you do with the room can be entirely up to yourself and will depend on your personal interests. You could create a study space, or an art room, a gym, games room or whatever else takes your fancy. Converting the room will be a fun activity which you can take your time over but once you have finished you will have created a place within your own home which can be your own. Whether you use the room for work, hobbies or even just relaxing it will be somewhere you can go to be alone. Even if you are sharing the house with a partner or friends you can have this one room as a place for yourself to retreat to as and when you need to.


The same principle as before but outdoors. Again this can depend a lot on your personal interests if you are interested in handiwork and DIY then a shed can be a great place for you to disappear to and while away the hours. You will not only have a place outside of the house to visit but somewhere which can be as cluttered or organised as you choose. If you are less of the hands on type you could put up an outhouse or outdoor working space. These can be found through places such as Designer Hideaways and they can be used for numerous functions. You could create an outhouse where you can retire to read and relax on your own or a small cinema room or even an outdoor study so you can separate your work from your home. Whatever you choose to do with it having an outdoor retreat can be fantastic and will really help you to unwind and recharge.